Component Translated Untranslated Untranslated words Checks Suggestions Comments
Desktop Module Name This component is linked to the LXQt Desktop/PCManFm-qt repository. GPL-2.0
liblxqt GPL-3.0
LXimage-qt GPL-2.0 55% 86 192
LXQt-about GPL-2.0
LXQt-runner GPL-2.0
LXQt-runner Module Name This component is linked to the LXQt Desktop/LXQt-runner repository. GPL-2.0
QTerminal GPL-2.0
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For adding language files that are not already present please contact administrators.

Credits for translations (shown in LXQt-About) can be inserted in lxqt/lxqt-about/tree/master/translatorsinfo/

Translation license GPL-2.0 LXQt-archiver LXQt-about GPL-2.0 LXQt-about Menu Entry QTerminal DropDown Menu Entry Qlipper QTerminal Menu Entry Desktop Module Name PcManFm-qt Menu Entry (Desktop Preferences) PcManFm-qt Menu Entry qps LXimage-qt Menu Entry LXQt-archiver Menu Entry qtermwidget QTerminal qps Menu Entry LXQt-runner LXQt Wallet LXimage-qt ScreenGrab Menu Entry LXQt-runner Module Name ScreenGrab GPL-3.0 PCManFm-qt GPL-3.0 liblxqt LGPL-2.1 libfm-qt
Number of strings 460
Number of words 1,439
Number of characters 8,967
Number of languages 1
Number of source strings 2,015
Number of source words 6,849
Number of source characters 44,446
&Paste from Clipboard
&Liitä leikepöydältä
5 days ago
5 days ago
Flip &Vertically
Käännä &pystysuunnassa
5 days ago
5 days ago
F&ull Screen
5 days ago
Capture Screenshot
Kaappaa kuva talteen
5 days ago
5 days ago
Flip &Horizontally
Käännä &vaakatasossa
5 days ago
5 days ago
&New Window
&Uusi ikkuna
5 days ago
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