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LXQtBot authored 2 days ago
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There's a bit at

that goes

void Core::sendNotify(const StateNotifyMessage &message) { #ifdef SGDBUSNOTIFY DBusNotifier *notifier = new DBusNotifier(); notifier->displayNotify(message); #else _wnd->showTrayMessage(message.header, message.message); #endif }

so I compiled with DBUS off and, if auto-saving is enabled, and I hide Screengrab to tray, then take a new shot via the tray, I'll get the notification about it.

If Screengrab is visible though, when taking a new shot, then there is no notification if Tray mode is set.

So if I'm guessing correct-like, this option perhaps should not be visible at all when DBUS is enabled.

4 days ago
User avatar rautamiekka

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LXQt Desktop / ScreenGrabFinnish

About Qt
Tietoja Qt:stä
5 days ago
Not defined
Ei asetettu
11 days ago
Selected shortcut:
Valittu pikanäppäin:
11 days ago
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11 days ago
Copy screen
Kopioi näyttö
11 days ago
Save screen
Tallenna näyttö
11 days ago
New screen
Uusi näyttö
11 days ago
11 days ago
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