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lxqt-config-input This component is linked to the LXQt Configuration/lxqt-config repository. GPL-2.0 88% 6 37 1
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Translation license GPL-2.0 obconf-qt GPL-2.0 obconf-qt Menu Entry lxqt-config lxqt-config-input lxqt-config-file-associations LXQt Configuration Center (Menu Entry) lxqt-config-monitor lxqt-config-locale lxqt-notificationd lxqt-config-leave lxqt-globalkeys Module Name lxqt-leave Menu Entry: Reboot lxqt-powermanagement lxqt-admin-time Menu Entry lxqt-leave Menu Entry: Hibernate lxqt-config-monitor Menu Entry lxqt-admin-user Menu Entry Notification Daemon Module Name lxqt-leave Menu Entry: Suspend lxqt-sudo lxqt-openssh-askpass lxqt-policykit lxqt-config-appearance lxqt-leave Menu Entry: Logout LXQt Settings (Menu Category Name) lxqt-session lxqt-leave Menu Entry: Leave Dialog liblxqt-config-cursor lxqt-globalkeys Menu Entry policy-kit Module Name lxqt-admin-time lxqt-admin-user lxqt-config-notificationd Menu Entry lxqt-powermanagement Module Name XScreenSaver Autostart Name pavucontrol-qt lxqt-leave Menu Entry: Lock Screen lxqt-config-session Menu Entry lxqt-config-input Menu Entry lxqt-config-brightness Menu Entry lxqt-leave Menu Entry: Shutdown lxqt-config-powermanagement Menu Entry lxqt-config-notificationd pavucontrol-qt Menu Entry lxqt-config-session lxqt-config-brightness lxqt-globalkeys System Settings (in LXQt Configuration Center) lxqt-config-locale Menu Entry lxqt-config-appearance Menu Entry Other Settings (in LXQt Configuration Center) lxqt-config-file-associations Menu Entry GPL-3.0 lxqt-config-powermanagement
Number of strings 53
Number of words 180
Number of characters 1,238
Number of languages 1
Number of source strings 1,013
Number of source words 3,405
Number of source characters 23,709
a year ago
Tap and drag
ট্যাপ করুন এবং টেনে আনুন
a year ago
Natural Scrolling
প্রাকৃতিক স্ক্রোলিং
a year ago
Tap to click
ক্লিক করতে আলতো চাপুন
a year ago
Acceleration speed:
ত্বরণ গতি:
a year ago
a year ago
টাচপ্যাড কনফিগ
a year ago
Mouse and Touchpad
মাউস এবং টাচপ্যাড
a year ago
New contributor a year ago
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