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Translation license GPL-2.0 plugin-kbindicator plugin-cpuload plugin-mainmenu plugin-dom plugin-networkmonitor plugin-sensors plugin-showdesktop plugin-spacer plugin-mount plugin-statusnotifier plugin-sysstat plugin-tray plugin-taskbar plugin-volume LXQt Settings (Category Name) plugin-desktopswitch plugin-customcommand Panel Panel Modul Name plugin-tray (Name & Description) plugin-networkmonitor (Name & Description) plugin-quicklaunch plugin-backlight (Name & Description) plugin-cpuload (Name & Description) plugin-colorpicker (Name & Description) plugin-dom (Name & Description) plugin-desktopswitch (Name & Description) Leave Menu (Category Name) plugin-directorymenu (Name & Description) plugin-showdesktop (Name & Description) plugin-kbindicator (Name & Description) plugin-spacer (Name & Description) plugin-sysstat (Name & Description) plugin-statusnotifier (Name & Description) plugin-sensors (Name & Description) plugin-taskbar (Name & Description) plugin-volume (Name & Description) plugin-worldclock (Name & Description) plugin-mount (Name & Description) plugin-worldclock plugin-quicklaunch (Name & Description) plugin-mainmenu (Name & Description) plugin-directorymenu plugin-customcommand (Name & Description)
Number of strings 523
Number of words 2,015
Number of characters 13,452
Number of languages 1
Number of source strings 533
Number of source words 2,058
Number of source characters 13,723
Keyboard State Indicator
Клавиатурна подредбИндикатор на състоянието на клавиатурата
a month ago
New contributor a month ago
a month ago
Mouse Commands
Команди за мишката
a month ago
a month ago
Repeat command after:
Повтаряне на команда след:
a month ago
Max Width
Максимална широчина
a month ago
Command to run
Команда за изпълнение
a month ago
echo Configure...
echo Конфигуриране...
a month ago
Autorotate when the panel is vertical
Автоматично завъртане когато панелът е в вертикално положение
a month ago
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