Component Translated Untranslated Untranslated words Checks Suggestions Comments
FeatherNotes GPL-2.0 90% 35 236 136
Kvantum Manager GPL-2.0 0% 272 2,780
Kvantum Preview This component is linked to the Tsujan/Kvantum Manager repository. GPL-2.0 3% 104 282 1
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Translation license GPL-2.0 FeatherNotes Kvantum Preview Kvantum Manager FeatherPad GPL-3.0 Arqiver
Number of strings 733
Number of words 4,042
Number of characters 26,142
Number of languages 1
Number of source strings 1,271
Number of source words 6,172
Number of source characters 39,167
Resource update 2 weeks ago
Resource update a month ago
Resource update 3 months ago
Resource update 4 months ago
Resource update 7 months ago
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New string to translate

Tsujan / Kvantum Managerzh_HANT (generated) (zh_HANT)

New string to translate 8 months ago
Resource update 8 months ago
Resource update 8 months ago
Resource update 8 months ago
Resource update a year ago
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