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lxqt-powermanagement This component is linked to the LXQt Configuration/lxqt-config-powermanagement repository. GPL-2.0 89% 6 13
lxqt-config-notificationd This component is linked to the LXQt Configuration/lxqt-notificationd repository. GPL-2.0 92% 2 6
lxqt-globalkeys GPL-2.0 97% 1 1
lxqt-notificationd GPL-2.0
obconf-qt GPL-2.0
lxqt-config-session GPL-2.0
lxqt-config GPL-2.0
sddm-config-editor GPL-2.0
lxqt-config-brightness This component is linked to the LXQt Configuration/lxqt-config repository. GPL-2.0
lxqt-config-file-associations This component is linked to the LXQt Configuration/lxqt-config repository. GPL-2.0

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Welcome to the LXQt-Weblate Platform!

For adding language files that are not already present please contact administrators.

Credits for translations (shown in LXQt-About) can be inserted in lxqt/lxqt-about/tree/master/translatorsinfo/

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  • Any authenticated user can contribute.
  • The translation uses bilingual files.
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Translation file lxqt-config-appearance/translations/lxqt-config-appearance_ja.ts
Subpixel antialiasing:
サブピクセル アンチエイリアス:
6 months ago
Use antialias fonts
6 months ago
Use antialias fonts
6 months ago
Subpixel antialiasing:
6 months ago
Font hinting
6 months ago
7 months ago
Default font for user interface
7 months ago
The following settings only affect newly started applications
7 months ago
To attempt uniform theming, either select similar style/theme (if available) across all lists, or select 'gtk2' Qt style (if available) to mimic GTK themes.

Make sure 'xsettingsd' is installed to help GTK applications apply themes on the fly.
テーマを統一するには、すべてのリストで類似のスタイルやテーマを (可能ならば) 選択するか、GTK テーマを再現するために Qt スタイルで 'gtk2' を (可能ならば) 選択しますて下さい

すぐに GTK アプリケーションのテーマに適用されるように、'xsettingsd' がインストールされていることを確認してください。
7 months ago
<p>'%1' has been overwritten.</p><p>You can find a copy of your old settings in '%2'</p>
<p>'%1' 上書きされました。</p><p>'%2' 古い設定からコピーをすることができがあります。</p>
8 months ago
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