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LXQt Panel / plugin-mountItalian

<html><head/><body><p>Trigger the following action when eject shortcut is pressed (<span style=" font-weight:600;">XF86Eject</span> by default)</p></body></html>
<html><head/><body><p>Eseguire la seguente azione con la scorciatoia per espellere (<span style=" font-weight:600;">Predefinito XF86Eject</span>)</p></body></html>
11 months ago
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LXQt Panel / plugin-mountItalian

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LXQt Panel / plugin-mountItalian

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LXQt Panel / plugin-mountItalian

Resource update 11 months ago
Eject removable media
Espelli dispositivo rimovibile
a year ago
Removable media/devices manager: Global shortcut '%1' cannot be registered
Gestore dispositivi rimovibili: Impossibile registrare scorciatoia globale '%1'
a year ago
Ejected all optical drives
Espelli tutti dischi ottici
a year ago
Eject All Optical Drives
Espelli tutti dispositivi ottici
a year ago
When eject button is pressed:
Se pressato pulsante di espulsione:
a year ago
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LXQt Panel / plugin-mountItalian

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